IT and Cleantech hot growth sectors in 2010?


Polachi, a provider of Access Executive Search™ services to technology, clean tech, venture capital and private equity clients released its top trend predictions for executive recruiting in 2010.  As the economy pulls out of a recession, the job market is changing with information technology and clean technology gaining speed.

Although the job market will take time to stabilize, the economy is turning and economists are optimistic about 2010.  “At Polachi, we have taken aggressive steps to meet the anticipated demands.  We recently added Sean Carroll as a Partner based in the New York metropolitan area, specializing in situating C-level technology executives in the software, digital media and technology enabled services sectors,” said Peter Polachi, Partner.

Information Technology and Clean Technology Sectors To Grow:  As 2010 approaches, there will be significant growth in the clean technology and information technology sectors.  With an increasing demand for C-level executives in technology and a shortage of talent, there are a number of opportunities.  “Since Labor Day, we have seen a dramatic increase at the executive level in start-ups to publically traded companies in the information technology and clean technology sectors”, said Charley Polachi, Partner.

New demand for a Chief Sustainability Officer – The new Environmental Chief:  President Obama’s administration is dedicating a substantial amount of money towards energy efficiency.  Polachi believes that based on this major push for corporations to become more green that companies will have the need to create a new executive level position for a Chief Sustainability Officer.  According to Jim Poe, Partner, “In the next 5 years the demand for a CSO will dramatically accelerate as companies will need a CSO who is accountable to both the owner and share holders.”

Diversity at Larger Companies: “All companies are especially putting on a big push for diversity,” says Brigid Siegel, Partner. “They recognize that having a more multicultural representation leads to improved products and services for the ever-expanding minority and international markets.”

Innovation is key ingredient: Innovation is vital to today’s economy as it will create business, and in turn create jobs.  “We see with our west coast clients that the west coast is climbing a little bit quicker than the east coast, but the tech market is gaining a lot of strength at the executive level in both general management and sales,” said Charley Polachi.

Decline in Venture Capital: As the economy rounds the corner, the 2010 executive job market will see a shift.  “Although there is still money to be made in Venture Capital, it will not be at the same rate we have historically seen,” adds Rebecca Foreman Janjic, Partner.

Global Interest from PE Industry: “An increasing number of private equity firms will progressively seek international exposure,” said Karen Burke D’Agostino, Partner. “There is a particularly high level of interest in China and India.  We are well positioned to address these levels of interest through our Access Search Partners™ partnership.”

Overall, the Polachi team remains bullish on demand for high caliber executives across all of its practice area sectors.

Polachi. December ’09

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