Finding Jobs with Headhunters

Not easy to find the right job via an Executive Search Firm. Why:

1. There are many intermediaries calling them selves “Executive Search firms” whilst they almost never have 100k+ jobs or jobs that can be described as ‘executive jobs’

2. The head hunter is supposed to search and to find the candidate (the head). This concept has changed significantly in recent years however. Even the most senior candidates will not longer wait for a headhunter to approache him and will contact them themselves (discretely) or will make his or her profile visible in one of the limit number of database that cater the Executive Search firms (

3. Headhunters will, generally, only be able to discuss a small number of positions with you when what you really want is a good overview over the available positions in the market. You want choice.

Some useful links to locate decent Executive Search Firms:  (US only) (world)

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Frank Mortimer

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