The World’s Most Valuable Companies throughout History #8 – Apple

In this nine-piece report, Huntedhead will look at global corporations throughout history. The ranking is based on revenue figures, adjusted for inflation.

Apple in 2012 – $661,000,000,000

Renowned for its easy-to-use and attractively styled products, Apple has transformed modern technology from something useful to something extremely desirable. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, most of the initial operations took place in a garage. After the introduction of the Apple I the production surged and after a sizeable investment by a private investor, Apple went public in 1980 at $22 per share, instantly creating more millionaires (around 300) than any other company in history did before.

The $22 per share already pales in comparison to the current stock value of $443 (March 2013), but it seems like loose change when compared to the stock value at Apple’s peak in 2012. At a nearly unbelievable price of $702 the total worth of Apple was $661 billion, more than any technology company has ever achieved before.

Although technological developments have not been as innovative since the death of visionary Steve Jobs, successor Tim Cook has managed to increase sales of existing products (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac’s and Macbooks) and increase margins and profits. With a cash fund of $137 billion, Apple has enough money on hand to pay off the national debt of countries such as  New Zealand, Kenya or Vietnam.

However, Apple (AAPL) stock holders are beginning to revolt as Apple pays out little dividend and the lack of innovative products, which has lead to a significant drop in share price. Time will tell if Apple is, once again, able to come up with a revolution in consumer technology. The buzz on an Apple watch is extremely high, but no official statement has been made. Regardless of the future , Apple has already earned the eight spot in our Most Valuable Companies throughout History Top-9.


Apple logo

Apple, the eigth largest corporation throughout history

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